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T Pierre's Blog

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Thursday, December 07, 2017 Vickie Jones

The holiday season is upon us and there’s plenty of great food and deserts waiting around every corner. The average person will gain 1 - 3  pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and that includes our children. We’re all aware that gaining weight creates negative metabolic changes in our bodies that can lead to:  . . . Learn More

Important Safety Tips for Halloween

Friday, October 20, 2017 Vickie Jones

Your children are amped and ready for another exciting Halloween night. They have selected a costume and are ready to stockpile all the candy they will gather from neighbors. Before they leave the house, here are a few safety tips you need to review with them.   . . . Learn More

Should I Let My Child Specialize in a Single Sport?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Vickie Jones

High intensity, specialized competition has now trickled down to even the youngest athletes. Mini-camps, specialized coaching, and travel teams are now targeted at nearly every age group in just about every sport. In turn, coaching has become a valid career choice for many because parents have shown a burning desire to see their children excel at a particular sport against the best competition. Coaches are able to groom, mentor and assess these athletes for an extended time period which translates into the formation of “travel” teams that are all about winning in the most competitive environments. Certainly, there are benefits from focusing on one sport -- a defined offseason, competing against higher levels of competition, and even a shot at playing their sport at the collegiate level. But the negative impact of specialization on young athletes cannot go unnoticed.   . . . Learn More

How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for a Smartphone?

Friday, September 08, 2017 Vickie Jones

Before considering giving your child a smartphone, carefully determine its main use. Is the primary reason of giving them the phone the need to call them while you are at work? Is it a nagging request of the child so he can communicate more often with his classmates and friends? Will it be used as a supplement for learning?  . . . Learn More