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T Pierre's Blog

Should I Let My Child Specialize in a Single Sport?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Vickie Jones

High intensity, specialized competition has now trickled down to even the youngest athletes. Mini-camps, specialized coaching, and travel teams are now targeted at nearly every age group in just about every sport. In turn, coaching has become a valid career choice for many because parents have shown a burning desire to see their children excel at a particular sport against the best competition. Coaches are able to groom, mentor and assess these athletes for an extended time period which translates into the formation of “travel” teams that are all about winning in the most competitive environments. Certainly, there are benefits from focusing on one sport -- a defined offseason, competing against higher levels of competition, and even a shot at playing their sport at the collegiate level. But the negative impact of specialization on young athletes cannot go unnoticed.   . . . Learn More

Why Regular Sports Physicals are a Must for Young Athletes

Friday, September 01, 2017 Vickie Jones

Think that sports physicals is just for pro athletes?  Think again!  Sports are usually seen as an activities that will boost your child’s health, development and sociality.  However, many parents don’t realize that sports can be dangerous too.  Sports can be harmful and can even result in permanent injury if a child is pushed too hard or if a child’s body just isn’t ready to take on a certain physical activity. Sport’s physicals are important for young athletes to excel without jeopardizing their health and well being.  . . . Learn More